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Default Re: Carnival to cancel 3 guest rooms...

<<<Kuki, you stated:

"not allowing rollaways is quite different than not allowing a 3rd person in a room"

How do you figure? Where would you expect the 3rd person to sleep if not in a rollaway? On the floor perhaps? Standing upright in the shower? I think your comment should have been a little more thoughtful and thought out.>>>>>>

Actually it was the confusion of the original post I was trying to address
Author: JeanS (
Date: 09-12-03 05:52

Yup, we just found out the other day that Carnival no longer plans to make rooms available for 3 people unless you book a suite>>>

Carnival does have also has some cabins with sofa beds, and others with bunks that come down from ceiling. The point I was making was that people would STILL be able to book cabin appropriate for 3 people, without having to book double occupancy cabins only. The options for 3 still exist, just not using rollaways in cabins equipped with only 2 beds.

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