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Mary VT
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Well no one replied to my message, so I will report on what happened on our cruise myself. Overall, the Noordam is a nice ship. The food was fantastic, not overly spicy, which is what we like. The service was the best you could ask for. Everything is kept clean and neat and done very efficiently. The entertainment was enjoyable, although the seating was not that great. We had a terrible room and requested a room change. Our room had a wet floor and smelled musty in the closets. Fortunately there was another room for us, and they were very nice about the change, but it was a downgrade to an inside room which disappointed us greatly. We were given a credit for that, but we were still disappointed. The ship was fully booked, so there weren't any other options at that point. The vibration of the ship really bothered my husband and he has vowed never to go on an old ship again. I really wasn't bothered by it, though. Our biggist complaint was the tours. They were not only expensive, they were too rushed. Our best tour was in Moscow. We had a fabulous guide who took us everywhere and was extremely knowlegeable! We went to Berlin on our own and hated it. We were not given good information and ended up sightseeing for 2 hours out of the 13 hours we were there. Make sure you have Euros when you go there. Most of the time was spent in the train system. The train ride was ugly and uncomfortable. Tallin was our second favorite place. A wonderful city and great shopping!
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