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Default Re: Re: Baltic ports--dollars or krona? euros?

Had to laugh about this one. We were at an ATM in Norway, and we were all talking and laughing about how funny it would be if someone got $1,000 instead of $100 or whatever. Well, my husband was apparently not paying attention and did not select the English key (there was one because the others in our group used it) and ended up with $700 instead of $70 in local currency. So we had to find a bank to sell it back.

Also, I forgot to mention this earlier--I hope anyone traveling to Europe has seen the warnings about the plastic devices that thieves can slip into the ATM machines. What happens is that you put your card in the slot, try to enter your PIN, the machine won't work, and your card doesn't come back out. If this happens to you, call your bank immediately because the thieves wait for you to walk away and then pull their plastic device out--they now have your card and have watched you enter your PIN number. You're probably all way too informed to let this happen, and this may be going on in the U.S. too. My husband and I always cover the keypad anyway, but just FYI.
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