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Default Re: Constellation - Scandanavia/Russia

Right now I am booked on the Grand Princess Baltic/Scandanavian cruise and seriously thinking about switching to the Jewel of the Seas instead of the Grand.

I've read some reports about where Princess docks for Stockholm and the short time in Oslo so something tells me I might enjoy the Jewel better as she is a smaller ship with a much better layout than the Grand.

I checked out the Dream but the itinerary doesn't include some of the Scandanavian cities and I just can't get excited about Celebrity, especially the Millie class ships just my own individual experience.

The only thing is with switching, I already had some people that were thinking of doing the Red October off the Grand so now I'd have to start searching for others that might be going on the Jewel.

I really like the Insight Guides, they are absolutely the best, so detailed and to the point with great maps/photos.

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