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Default Re: Carnival to cancel 3 guest rooms...

Uh,'s a safety issue. What if the ship hit rough waters ( it happens - not all sailings are smooth as glass) and all of a sudden there was a lot of pitch or roll? The person in the rollaway (a bed on WHEELS) would be at more of a risk since they are in an unsecured berth. It is a safety issue, and I for one applaud this decision by Carnival. The rollaways were probably done as a convenience for the passengers (and some extra revenue for the cruise line as the cabin was clearly NOT meant for three people) - but they are a safety issue. I would never allow myself or anyone I love to sleep in a rollaway on a ship that moves (side to side, up and down, etc.) There are many cabins with third and fourth secure berths that will continue to be sold.

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