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Default Re: Re: Carnival to cancel 3 guest rooms...

Simple, even though CCL has some of the largest standard cabins afloat if you place a rollaway in there you essentually end up with one huge bed that goes from one side of the cabin to another. I do not choose to sleep what would amount to three to a bed. It is NOT okay to sell a double as a triple. I had a TA try and do this to me once and never mentioned it would be a rollaway, just said it was a triple. As the third person was my adult sister-in-law it was totally unacceptable. We may be 'country' but we aren't all willing to sleep in what is essentually the same bed! After I discovered this assigned cabin was a douoble I called the TA and they stated they considered it a triple as CCL could put in a rollaway. I did enough screaming and yelling and threatening that they admitted there were no triples available so sold me a double counting on the rollaway. They finally upgraded us to a balcony triple at no cost to us. The fact remains that a rollaway does not make the cabin a triple and it should never be advertised as such or sold that way, especially without the customers knowledge and permission. In addition there is a maximum number of people a ship is supposed to carry and it is based on every berth being full and does NOT count rollaways. I for one am glad to see the cruiselines finally saying no to this practice. I paid for a bed, not a cot to be stuck in there like a campout.

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