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Default Re: Oceania's Insignia

Hi Marilyn: Thanks for your note. I just signed onto the and entered the OceaniaCruiser, however, I can't find the number of people already signed on. How do you get this information? I must bedoing something wrong.

As of now, we don't have our plane reservations for this trip, so we're not sure if we'll be returning from Gatwick or Heathrow, usually it's Heathrow from Newark.

A few yeards ago, we did a British Isles trip and on the most part made our own arrangements for seeing the various ports. There's a tour bus company called Guide Friday that is an on-again-off-again sightseeing trip that we did and it was very good. They have a web-site, but I haven't checked it out yet. We've used it many times.

Are you going to be in London on the pre-cruise offer? We are and will be arriving on June 12.

Look forward to hearing from you.
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