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Default Re: Transportion on your Own to Tourist Attractions

Hi...we took a cruise earlier in the year with the same ports except Marseilles. In every port except Naples, we took the local train. In Naples we paired up with another couple and took a taxi to Pompeii, which cost about $100USD for the four of us. In Nice (going to Monaco) you'll have to taxi over to the train station. In Florence you can walk from the train to the sites and in Pisa you'll have to taxi to the Leaning Twr. Lucca is a bit tame after seeing these two sites. Be careful about the trains ...we found them to be good, but the chance of trouble on the tracks and delays is always a factor. We just kept talking to others waiting in the same area to make sure we were going the right way! Be ready for last minute track changes too. And the have to go to a taxi stand and wait for one to come. Sometimes a long they will only take 4 people. Believe me, they won't budge on this rule. Don't's included in the price. We ended our trip in Rome and took a train from the port to the city with our luggage. If you don't buy a tkt for first class don't sit there....even though it looks exactly like 2nd class a conductor will make you move. Buses in Rome clean, new and plentiful. The driver doesn't sell or check the tkts. Buy your tkt at a local market. Most people speak English and can help you. Have fun.
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