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Default Re: Mille Med 6/05 Tenders & Formal Nights

Hey Sharon and Brian!!

I have not been on this site during the holidays. I am so sorry for the delay in answering your posts.

Brian, I actually already said hi to you on another post about the shore tours.

Sharon to answer your questions, I am 43 and traveling with my senior parents and my sister (49) who is a quadreplegic. I plan all my family's excursions myself so it almost feels like I have spent time in Europe already! :-) I searched and search for info until I think I have planned a shore list that takes into account accessibility, our interests, and cost.

Villefranche - no tour, will meander around town.

Livorno - rent a car, drive into florence where we will meet up with a guide for a walking tour. Then drive back to port stopping at Pisa.

Civitavecchia - using Pappillion Services for a pick up at port 9:00am, tour of Rome, back to port by 5:00pm. Sounds nice but only 6 hours for Rome feels like an insult.

Naples - This is the only one I missed on according to your tips. No tour, just walking around and eating pizza

Athens - George at Spiros Taxi connected me with a guide with 17 passenger van for just my family's use for a 9 hour tour of Athens & Sounion with lunch by the seaside.

Santorini - no tour but I did find out that the vernicular is unaccessible for my sister, so the cruiseline is taking our tender around to a different port where we will then get a 10 minute taxi ride into town.

Mykonos - No tour, just admiring the view

Dubrovnik - Walking around the old town

Venice - private guide for walking and boat tour

Brian I asked in the other post if you were from Brunswick, Ga? We live in Jax. 17 people! That's great! The more the better when it comes to cruising. This will be my 12 cruise. Been to 12 Caribbean islands (some 3 or 4 times) including Venezuela and had a 3 day pre tour on a train in Alaska and then cruised southbound for 7 days to Vancouver. I have been on 5 different cruise lines and feel Celebrity is the best (Princess runs second but have not done them since Alaska in '99) This will be my 3rd Celebrity cruise (10 night Summit 4/03 and Century 7night 11/03). I was a cruise agent for 3 1/2 years.

I said all that to say this. I know it is a little delayed but if you need any help or advice, I will try.

I attached a pic of the 4 of us.

Lets keep in contact you two.


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