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Default Re: Re: Need feedback - Moscow from St Petersburg

More on the group from two years ago. Celebrity and their tour partner extended our tour because there were significant airport delays due to heavy weather- they wisely chose to keep s touring rather than cooling our heels in an airport. It was fabulous! We saw so much more, and we stopped at a great hotel for cafes, and got to experience so much more of Moscow. The Celebrity guides really made it a worthwhile delay. When we finally got to the airport, there was a bomb threat on the flight we had, so we all got off the plane while it and all luggage was removed and inspected. Between the weather and the threat, we didn't land in St Petersburg until 3 am. The Celebrity's officers were lined up waiting for us, it was a receiving line, each of us personally greeted warmly with smiles, hugs, handshakes and "welcome home"s. They actually had set up an excellent HOT buffet for us, as well. We were really treated nicely. Plus we got to see the "white nights" of ST P. at 3 am! It was an exhilirating, exhausting, magical, memorable adventure. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
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