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Default Re: Need feedback - Moscow from St Petersburg

It's not surprising that those who went to Moscow (and didn't get stuck by poor transportation) loved Moscow and those who stayed in St. Pete loved it there too. Clearly, neither group knows what they missed in the other place.

We've been to both places for extended stays on our own that were not associated with cruises. My wife has been to Moscow more often than I have, because she's had to go on business. But we agree that as a tourist destination, St. Petersburg wins hands down. That's not to say that Moscow isn't a worthwhile destination. It's a great place to spend a day, maybe two. The Kremlin, Red Square and St. Basil's alone make it worth a trip.

But when we cruised the Baltic last year, we stayed in St. Petersburg. There was literally no discussion about it. We got a good two-day tour with Red October, and explored the never-ending wonders of this indcredible city. We revisited some fondly remembered places, and got to see some new ones as well. Even with a great guide and driver, we could have used another day or two in St. Petersburg.

The difference is that St. Petersburg is the city of the czars and of history, while Moscow is the city of the bureaucracy. Which isn't to say that Moscow stinks. It doesn't. But if you've only got two days to spend, we vote for spending them in St. Petersburg.
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