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Give me a break....squatting over a hole.....NOT!

We've traveled the globe six months per year the past five years from China, Africa, Cape Horn, Egypt, Australia, Tahiti, Greece , SIBERIA. yada yada yada, have also authored two travel guides and publish a quarterly travel newsletter.

You did say FRANCE and ITALY. Stick with DFWGUY62's savvy common sense advice. Do NOT expect to see holes in floors outside of very third world countries, like on our train from Nairobi to Mombassa!

Perhaps, carry a small pack of kleenex for those bathrooms that AS HERE sometimes are out of the needed toilet paper. As noted, public restrooms, AS HERE, are all too rare except the kool ones in Paris. We use RESTAURANT rest rooms. Buy that coke, coffee or Perrier and voila RESTROOM that will be usable and usually but not always giood or better on the clean scale. Enter any crowded restaurant with large contingent eating at outdoor tables and they can NOT determine you are not a customer so never a hassle. Above all NOT TO WORRY.
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