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This is going to be our first cruise and I was just looking for a little direction from others who have made these stop before. I know everyone's taste are different, I'm not asking for anyone to just say "JUST DO THIS". I'd just like to get a wide over view of what would be alot of the key points of interests.
1. We'd like to go snorkling in Cozumel. Which one of the ships (Carnival) packages do you guys recommend, which one seem the better deal, why, or would it be better to make our own plans once ashore???
2. Is there any horse driven rides in Key West?
3. Are taxi's needed once the ship docks or is town right off the boat? I read some horror stories about these wild Mexican taxi drivers, so is it must to get a cab to go anywhere?
4. Are there really any "MUST" see sites at either stop that you feel should not be missed?
These are a few question right off that I can think of. So any and all responds, plus anything else everyone can add to this would be great.
Two weeks until we hit sea, Ahoy!!!
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