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Motley, Bob, Norm:
Just got back!!!! weather wasnt what I would have hoped for but...had a great time anyway. Motley...went to chananaab Park...$8. cab ride..$10 to get in park. $5 for complete snorkle set! Still very nice and clean..(except water wasnt working in the showers the day we were there). Went back to Town early becuase of windy weather. The town is growing leaps and bounds since I was last there. Plenty of shops and bars and resturants (why would you eat in town when boat is right there?) I suggest going a block or two off the main street to get better buys. A six pack of beer was $9:00 on the main strret and $4.50 a block off. Key West ...for what I saw is nothing but a tourist trap....bars and shops! We did enjoy the sunset party at Mallory Sq. The street entertainers were funny as hell!
PS: If you are into cigars...I only saw one person coming off the boat in Key West being asked to take a look in her bag. No dogs sniffing! Put one in your back pocket and enjoy! I only wish I wasnt so paranoid...I enjoyed my Cohiba on the boat!
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