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Default Chichen Itza - what can I see in 3 hours?

I will be on a cruise in June that will stop in Progreso for about 8 hours. I plan on hiring a taxi to drive my wife and I to Chichen Itza. I have done research and I feel comfortable being our own tour guide while at the ruins.

I understand that this is about 2 square miles of ruins and my wife and I are 29 years old, healthy and do not mind walking at all. My wife is afraid of heights, so we will not climb to the top of the El Castillo.

My question is, can we realistically see the following in about 3 hours:

Temple of the Jaguar
Platform of the Skulls
The Ball Court
Platform of the Eagles and Jaguars
Temple of the Bearded Man
Platform of Venus
The Temple of the Warriors / Plaza of 1000 Collumns
El Castillo

I understand that these above areas are the main area. I was also wondering whether it was feasible to go to the outskirts and see the Sacred Cenote (to the north approximately 1/2 mile) and the areas to the south which make up the OLD Chichen:

The Observatory (El Caracol)
The Nunnary
The Church (Eglesia)

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. I assumed that since we will not climb on the outside of El Castillo, maybe we would have time to go inside (the narrow passage ways)

Also, where is that pile of stones located that make noise when they are struck with wooden mallets?

Dave Miklas
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