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Hi, Virginia ...

Pop to the Main Page for a feature about Cozumel.

I am a fan of Pancho's Backyard (I think the margaritas are just fine). Also, the rest rooms are CLEAN. That might be important to Mom.

Lots of people swear by Las Palmeras at the foot of the square, but I have never cared for the food. Margaritas are good. According to a margarita expert, they should be taken on the rocks.

A personal favorite is Plaza Leza right on the square. The margaritas aren't as good at they used to be when Miguelito was the bartender. Of course, there weren't seven cruise ships in town back in those days, either. If you get to Leza early enough, the juevos motulenos are totally to die for.

We have been going to Coz on a regular basis --- usually once, sometimes twice, a year for 15 or so years now. Hmm. I think I hear Coz calling my name. Next Saturday sounds good.

Let us know if we can help more.

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