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Default Re: Anyone done Stone Island Tour ?

Forget the Stone Island tour. This other people's opinions, as well. This island is really a peninsula and the beach has trash strewn all over it. The horseback riding includes some areas that are not very pretty. We had to sit around at this outdoor restaurant called Molokay while we waited for the horses, and unfortunately, these poor creatures were very unhealthy looking. Thin and covered with burrs. I was expecting a "fun" catamaran ride over with the open bar they advertised. Instead, they had some stuff to drink at the restaurant, but not really the rum punches I had heard about. It just wasn't what we expected. We did meet Randi from Happy Horses and she even brought her horses over for some to ride if they want. In fact, we chose to ride back with her to the Ship since she was getting their sooner. All in all, I wouldn't take this tour again, and can see why the ships don't sponsor excursions there.
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