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Default Re: Puerta Vallarta Adventures

It is very easy to get to Yelapa on your own. All you have to do is take a yellow cab or bus to Boca de Tomatlan. The cab will be faster but the buses in P.V. are great too. (The buses are so inexpensive they are almost free.)There you will walk down to the beach and take a water taxi to Yelapa. These are smallish panga style boats that are used for public transit. The water taxis are great fun and they run every half hour or so. You will save a ton of money going it on your own and you'll really have a wonderful adventure.

There are NO cars on, in, or out of Yelapa. All tranportation and commerce is done by boat.

Be careful and ask for the return schedule when you buy your round-trip water taxi ticket. They will tell you when the last taxi returns to P.V. I believe the last returning water taxi is at about 4:00 or so.

You can also get a water taxi to Yelapa at the pier on Los Muertos beach. It is a much longer water taxi ride. I prefer to go to Boca de Tamatlan to get the water taxi because the drive through Conchas Chinas is so beautiful. There is oh so much to see along the way.

Yelapa is a beautiful beach that reminds one of Gilligan's Island. It is fun to hang out on the north end of the cove near the little hotel that is literally just a hillside peppered with little grass shacks that you can rent for overnight stays. The hotel has incredible food and great drinks. You can even use their rustically unique swimming pool with swim-up bar for free if you buy a beverage. The beach there is great for swimming and other water sports.

If you don't wish to do it alone there are several tour boats at the Cruise Ship Pier that will take you directly from the ship to Yelapa. They are quite a bit more expensive than doing it on your own but are less hectic and not quite as adventuresome. I enjoy getting there on my own so to speak because I enjoy meeting the people and experiencing the real Vallarta lifestyle rather than the more touristy experience. But that is just me.

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