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Default Re: Puerta Vallarta Adventures


I was on the Oct 12 trip to Mexico on the Sapphire and did the Las Caletas tour on Pta. Vallarta. Due to the time change travelling south, the tour starts at 7:45 am which I though was early and it was crazy getting out of the ship with all the tours starting around this time. By the time we all got outside and had to wait for everyone, we probably didn't leave until 8:30 or so. The boat trip was a bit too long for me, took over an hour out to Las Caletas. It was a nice cove, I didn't think it was awesome. We had about 2 hours to do whatever, snorkel, swin or kayak which is all included. Lunch was served at 1pm (a little late for me and i was starving since we all got up early). Food was great. After lunch, you have about another hour and it's time to get back on the boat at 3pm. We were probably back to the ship a little after 4 pm.
Just my opinion, i thought the tour was ok. I didn't think long boat trip there was worth it, i think you could find other "hideaways" somewhere closer. The organizers though were great, very friendly and did a little "show" on the boat on the way back to the ship. If you have other questions, e-mail me. I think I took some pictures of Las Caletas.

these are just my thoughts, other people might have had a better time.

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