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Default Re: What if you miss the ship?

Two weeks ago on the Paradise ship, we were told to be back on the ship from Roatan at 2:30, with the ship departing at 3pm. At 3:00, they started announcing names of people not yet back on the ship (it sounded like a group of family members - same names, close cabin numbers). They kept calling and calling. At 3:25, they started removing the lines that secure the ship. At 3:28, a van came racing through the gates with the side door open and people frantically screaming. They raced right up to the ramp and you never saw 6 people jump out of a car so fast and run up the ramp! The ship left less than one minute later. Apparently, they were on their own tour and something happened. Based on that one and only experience, I would say that they MIGHT wait a very few minutes but I wouldn't count on it. All other ports, they left exactly on time. Tell your friends not to be foolish (or inconsiderate to others) and their @#%$# back on the ship in plenty of time!
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