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Went last year in Early June to Halifax. 1 day was great one was cold it is a mixed bag. Also, usually the ships excursions are more expensive. Halifax is like a mini San Fran and the people are so nice. All the shops sit on the Harbor. As you get off the ship there is an area of sightseeing booths that you can check out or you can take a cab for $6.00 to the Sheraton where the shopping is. Also Grayline has a booth outside the Sheraton and the tours leave around 9AM. I took a 3hr tour, "A 3 hrs tour", lol and it was great and more reasonable than the cruise ship. If you go to you will get info. Just check out the other ports also using your search engines. The cruise lines make big buck for this why not save and do it yourself. It can be alot of fun........You might want to check out and see if you can have a brochure mailed to you on the ports.
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