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Default Re: Brilliance 10/2 RT out of Boston

We did lots of searching for the answer as to when is the best time to catch the leaves at their peak. There does not seem to be an answer - it can be different every year - and of course we are going south to north then south again - so we picked 10/2 - hoping that somewhere along the way we will see some spectacular fall foliage. We were in Pennsylvania, Virginia and along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Oct. of 2000 and wow - there was some great color. We're from TX where it's mostly grey and brown with the green, so it doesn't take a lot of fall foliage color to thrill us.

Ralph & Pam, we will meet another couple who we have been exchanging email with - she posts on cruisecritic and we found each other thru that message board. Would you like to meet onboard? Have you arranged your shore excursions? We found a couple of private tour guides that sound like a good deal - would be glad to tell you about them if you have any interest. Are you spending any time in Boston pre cruise?

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