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Default Re: Bar Harbor/ Acadia National Park

We just got back from 7 days on the Enchantment. We did the Arcadia park tour and lobster bake(4hours). The lobster lunch was amazing! Fresh muscles to start, then lobster, the sweetest corn, red potatoes and fixens. The blueberry cake at the end was just so-so. Now the tour. This might have been a very nice afternoon if we hadn't gotten the worst tour guide we have ever seen. Couldn't put a full sentence together if her life depended on it. Kept switching subjects without notice and didn't give us any basic background info so that we could understand what she was talking about. We were so releaved when she stopped talking - it was that much work to listen! There were 3 buses so I don't know how the other guides were. I should have asked - sorry.
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