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George in NY
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Default RE: Bolero and Seaquest Cruises

Steve, I can't comment on current operations of the Bolero or the line she is now with. However I will mention that the Bolero is formerly the NCL Starward, I have attached photo. She is a small ship 16,000 or so tons and fairly old now. We sailed her in 1985 and loved her for the intimacy but that was a lot of years ago now. She was a fine ship and I can but only hope that she still is. If you do decide to sail her I would love it if when you came back you would think to drop me an email and let me know what kind of shape she is in now. We sailed her sister ship, the NCL Skyward on our honeymoon in 1984. So you can see these two ships have memories galore for us. The Skyward was chartered out and I have been unable to find her again for a couple of years now.

George in NY

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