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Default Greek Ships Certs Suspended

In the wake of the Greek Ferry tragedy, just saw the below clip regarding over
60 ships being suspended. Makes one wonder where the Greek inspectors where to
begin with, and why those 60+ passed muster one day but not the next, but that
is another discussion.

Anyway, article mentions 9 international cruise liners. Greek flag. Trying to
figure out with ones (the Epirotiki fleet, or did they get bought out years ago
- I forgot). Another ship that comes to mind is the Stella Solaris (or
whichever Royal Olympic ships is the ex-Cambodge, went on her from Singapore to
Bangkok in the late 60's while she was an MM ship). Anybody seen a list yet?
Just wondering, maybe Tim R has the answer? clip follows Regards, Keith
ATHENS, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Greece on Saturday banned dozens of ships from
sailing, saying they failed to meet European safety standards, following the
sinking of a passenger ferry that killed at least 77 people.

The Merchant Marine Ministry issued a statement saying the ban was from
midnight on Sunday. It said 65 passenger ferries and luxury cruise liners also
had 20 days to meet European Union requirements or have their sailing permits

A total of 47 island ferries, nine international cruise ships and nine ferries
on the Piraeus-Crete line were affected by the ban.
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