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Pete Scarfe
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Default Re: Bolero and Seaquest Cruises

My wife and i have sailed on the Bolero two consecutive years..... 1999 and 2000. The ship is classified as small in comparison to some of the ships on other cruise lines, however we thought it was the perfect size and compared it to small village as to a large city of bigger ships...... Accomodation is small cabins.... we had an outside cabin the first year, which basically upgraded you to a small port-hole to look outside.... second year we took an inside cabin, same deck, same size room for approx. $200/ person less..Itineraries are excellent with usually 5 - 6 island ports of call and fairly long daily stops.. approx. 8 - 10 yours...basically cruises at night at 6:00 p.m. and arrives in each port of call at 7:00 a.m. the following day. Breakfast and Lunches are excellent with two choices..... buffet style.... very good or a sit down in the main dinning room... menu select.... Evening meals at the dinning room where good but small quantities... remember, all drinks alcholic and non are not included at any time onboard.... We took our own on board.... and discreetly (not too) took our own in flasks to the pool area, sun-deck area.... as many poeple do..... Casino is very small but enjoyable, Evening entertainment in the main lounge is very entertaining..... 3 bars with entertainment very cosy and enjoyable.... We booked through Regent Tours and their onland tours are excellent in co-operation with Bolero sailing schedule.... can be very costly tho....The Eastern Carribean cruise was very smooth sailing at night. The other itinerary that sails from Santo Domingo to Barbados... sailing accross the Carribean Sea was very rough and 75% if not more of the passengers were sea sick.... according to the staff, this does happen from time to time unfortunately 30 hours on the choppy seas is very uncomfortable and puts a damper on the rest of the weeks cruising as my wife can attest to.... All in All...... the Bolero is a fantastic cruise ship, staff very friendly, entertainment good, itineraries excellent, the best for you book second to none........
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