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I know exactly what you mean. I sailed on the Dolphin IV (very first cruise) November 97. It was a good deal for an outside
cabin. I didn't miss having a phone or TV because I had never
experienced it before. We were planning a another cruise
before we got off the ship. We picked the Disney Magic (May 98)
I was completely hooked! My next one was NCL Sky (November 98)
Missed out on my usual six month because I found good deals
on other travel. Went to Cancun, Mexico all inclusive resort
(November 99) thinking I wouldn't miss a cruise because it's
similiar. Boy was I wrong, even my husband said he missed
having a cruise that time and he gets sea sick. I never thought
I would hear him say that! I guess deep down he is addicted
too! I have no problem getting him to agree to a cruise
now. I think the water is just really relaxing. We would
go more often if he didn't insist on a balcony. I can
live without a balcony but he can't.

I'm booked on the Grand Princess (May 27,2001) and we are
planning a Panama Canal on Princess, Mini Suite (November 19, 2001) so I guess we are back on schedule for every six months
it's cruise time.

How many cruise have you been on since that first Dolphin IV

hdawson wrote:
> I wonder how many of you got your initial addiction to
> cruising with a cruise on the "old" Dolphin IV. She was my
> first two cruises and of course now terminally hooked. Found
> the food to always be very good and the staff was just
> great. Seems the crew makes an extra effort to make this old
> ship lots of fun.
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