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Default Re: Anyone from Premier Cruise Lines???

hey Robi
it's me again,sophie. ok i'm really confused. i looked up all this stuff on the oceanic. so now i'm really confused. so are the crew members still there. the oceanic looks so different now that it is white, i think it looked better red.I loved my cruise on premier, the crew were really nice. especially our busboy, Sil Vio, he was cool. and i rember going to see the shows. that's really weird that i'm talking to "elvis" i would have never believed that.i guess we live in a small world. I traveled w/ them right before all of this happened to them. I read a letter written by the Seawind Crown's restaurant manager, it was heart breaking.So are you doing any performing right now? do you have any plans to ever do anything again w/ like the oceanic? ok sorry i wrote so much.i just really loved premier and the big red boat
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