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I had a sort of similar situation except in reverese-the airline lost my luggage on the way there. So, needless to say I had no clothes! The pursers desk was kind enough to give me a tolietry ag and 2 shipshape t-shirts to use. We flew into Orlando and were going on the Sovereign. This meant that my clothes only had one chance to show up when the boat left-the next day in Nassau. The airline rep assured me it would be there by oh, 1 PM tha day. So, hubby and I went to downtown Nassau and bought some expensive unders, pricey shorts, a khaki skirt, a "dressy" black skirt, black sandals, clear dress sandals, and a black top. I figured I could make it through with this much. I couldn't find a swimsuit ANYWHERE!! I gave up onon the swimsuit and held off on formal wear, hoping it would be on the boat. We went back to the boat at like 1:30 PM and nothing. I had seen a cute formal outfit in the ship's store, but it was pricey. We went to Paradise island and had to buy a very pricey swimsuit since the next day was Cococay day. Back to the ship, I sucked it up and got a beaded top and dressy chiffon pants to wear from the store. I was feeling a tad better about the situation, and hubby and I went to the Captain's champagne reception. We each had several. Then we popped by the cabin before dinner, and low and behold, my suitcase had made it at 8 that night! I was so happy! On a sad note though, I had spent several hundred dollars in clothes (no Target's in sight for me to buy from) and will be getting $25 back. My friend and her child and husband were on the same flight that we were on from Lexington to Atlanta. They went to Naples and we went to Orlando. We sat at the gate in LEX because we had "too much fuel and were to heavy". Needless to say, my friend's child's suitcase was a no show in Naples as were several other persons who went to Naples. What have I learned from all of this 1) Cross pack!!! 2) Carry on some pantaloons to say the least!
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