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I was on the Jan. 26th. Lirica cruise. I really resent some of the comments made about those of us who had a great time on this cruise.
I would hope that you would not be narrow minded enough to try to make me feel bad because I had a very good trip.
Pictures, please don't make me wait in lines for pictures to be taken on these ships (as on the Holland American Line), and keep the camera out of my face during the trip.
Games - We played games on the pool deck and had a lot of fun, where were you during these times?
TV - Who goes on an expensive cruise to watch TV, not me, but then to each his own.
Entertainment on ship - The entertainment did leave alot to be desired, once you saw it, you saw it all. So instead of being unhappy about it we just went to one of the lounges to listen and dance to the music, sure were many, many people there laughing, dancing and have a good time, where were you?
Tours - We only took one tour from the ship, the others we did on our own, and may I say again, they were great! San Blas was a very small island, why in the world you would need a tour guide is beyond me and the others I discussed this with who were with me. We got on a dug-out boat, and went to the island where the natives lived, it was very interesting, again, where were you. As for the trip to Montigo, we also were on the first tender, it went in once, did not almost tip over, went back out, waited a few minutes, went in again, was successful on the second try not after several trys. I guess it is all a matter of perspective.
Italian lessons - I was so happy when I found out that they were offering this for us. We went to the lessons and had a very good time, the other people there seemed to be really enjoying themselves also, again, where were you????
Yes, it was not fun getting up early to go thru customs at 6:45, but let that ruin my trip, I DON'T THINK SO! Yes, I was disappointed when they couldn't get us to Key West, just spent the day by the pool relaxing before having to go home. SUre wasn't going to let that ruin my trip!
If you didn't have a good time on this trip, then maybe you are the one who doesn't know how to have fun, not us!
Everyone has to make their own decision, but I can only tell you that I would cruise MSC anytime, anyday, especially for the price, what a deal.
I was told the Lirica was an Italian ship, we would be offered Italian food, music and people. It is what I expected and would have been disappointed with anything else. Our service in the dining room was very good, (thanks Sebastiano). The desserts left much to be desired, the only time I have had worse was on the Holland American Ship, and Disney was just a little better. THe Lirica had THE best ice cream that I have ever eaten. There were 4 of us, we all liked the food as well if not better than some other cruises. I know others did not agree, but that is their opinion, am glad that we didn't feel the same way about it.
So, you see, my opinion is much different than many others, but what makes you right and me wrong (no sugar coating here, honest).
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