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Dennis Agnew
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I have read all these comments against MSC and I think these people like to bloviate a lot.

They are dreaming with their eyes open and they stop being objective and pragmatist.
They say that the food was not good.I disagree.Do you know of any other line that the food is good with the exception of..possibly Silver Sea?I know none.Most of the cruise lines have converted a deluxe product into an one dollar dinner.

I have read about the comments concerning the reservation persons.Yes,maybe some people do not know how to handle a converstion,but what is the cruise line that has a better attitude?NONE.I have tried several times to talk to some employees but it is a fact with a negative possibility.You can talk to NOBODY in the USA.The communication is done ONLY through an automated answering service and you can contact someone only if you have a postal pigeon.

The attitude of the sales people,in most of the cruise lines?Oh it is a joke.Today you pay 1000 $ for a cruise and when you are on board you fine out that you are an idiot since some other people who bought their tickets later than you,they paid 40%,50%,60%,less than what I had paid.This is what I call a financial raping.

I will talk about the atmosphere on most of the cruise lines.If you have on board a ship over 200 passengers,what kind of...atmosphere are we talking about?This is a panegyris not a cruise.

Let us be realistic.There is no cruise line that fulfills the standards of " a cruise "as people have dreamt about it before they go on board.
The before and after is an abysmak chaos.

The cruise has ONLY one advavtage.You can see many places,in a short time and it does cost less than paying for a hotel and for a ticket.
If you think that a hotel costs at minimum 100 $ per day and you need another 50 dollars for an ascetic breakfast,lunch and dinner,then going on a cruise,where all the meals are included,at a daily cost of 70 $,then it is a free trip.
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