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Phil & Liz
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Hello everyone,
We usually hang out at the CCL forum since that has been our cruise experience thus far, altho since we have RCI in Galveston too I am sure we will book with them at some point.

An issue that has come up lately, at least with CCL, is mechanical troubles interrupting a cruise. I am sure other lines have troubles on occassion, it just seems like CCL gets all the press.

I would like to simply say first off that I support CCL and other lines in their business and will continue to sail on CCL or any other line I have an opportunity to.

I feel that the industry could benefit from making a policy of a 1 day "stand down" of their ships between sailings to allow for complete inspections by company engineers/personnel.

During my time in the service I recall several times when we would halt all aircraft flights until each and every aircraft went thru an inspection.

This could not only be for mechanical but health as well. We all recall the Norwalk like sicknesses of the past. I do know that ships receive a health inspection periodically , from the CG I believe, and the results are available on the net. The key word there is periodic.....every 6 months or whatever.

Now I realize that cost is the single major factor in this. I also realize that port charges paid by the lines are high and are a major portion of their operating expenses.

I also know that when a line is placed in a port city, there are "concessions" made by the City, such as tax abatements, as a lure to the lines to home there.

Perhaps the lines could negotiate a better deal on the port charges with the City so that the line can conduct these inspections without taking as large a hit in expenses.

Just my thoughts.....y'all throw yours out there now.

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