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Default Re: P&O Arcadia Update

Paul, we were very lucky to be 'parked' along side the Arcadia 3 weeks ago during our med cruise. The captain gave us permission for anyone from the P&O Aurora to go aboard. It was a lovely ship and set out well. There were 6 lifts at each point throughout the ship, with a large waiting area for them.

The dinning room was on 2 tiers and looked good. The Garry Rhodes rest. looked very 'posh' with the tables set with glass plates and a fair amount of space between the tables. The buffet area was very american design, start at one end with starters & finish at the other end with deserts.

It had lots of little area's to sit throughout the ship, not sure what smoking facilities there was as we don't smoke, but as the Aurora has limited their areas for smoking since our last trip 2 years ago,I think they will be very limited.


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