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I am going with my parents on the 11/14 trip. My mother is in a wheelchair, and this will be their 28th 11th.

We arranged our own airfare and saved about $450 a person. Checked yesterday and all our flight numbers have changed (United from LA through Miami both ways) but times are within 15-60 minutes of previous flights and we should have no problems making connections etc. Hope security does not tie us up too much. We really need to hand carry some of her meds and supplies, so we will see.

We are arranging private tours by auto in most ports as cannot get on/off a bus or van with my mother. Our travel agent has arranged some through this company: (including our transfer from Santiago to Valparisio), and also contacted a company on our own in Puerto Monte for a tour similar to HAL posted one, same price per person but in a Mercedes with an English speaking driver all to ourselves. Can give you the name and email of that company if you desire.

I will post a report of our trip both here and on the Disabled Cruisers forum here when we return.
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