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could you please fprward the E_Mail for Eureka Touriso. ThanksKLD wrote:
> I would recommend at least a full day in Rio to see the
> sights, esp. if you plan to go up to the top of either
> Corcovado or Sugar Loaf. There is a LOT of heavy traffic in
> Rio, esp. on weekdays, so getting stuck in traffic needs to
> be planned on on any of the major streets or roads.
> We just returned from the Ryndam (HAL) Valparaiso to Rio
> cruise, and use this company: for our
> land arrangements. Always had a small group (3-10 people) in
> a van instead of a bus. Buses are not allowed up to the
> Christ the Redemer statue in Rio. Bus tours require you to
> take the cog-wheeled rail to the top, with much more lines,
> and you miss the beautiful drive up (and completely miss the
> drive down the south side of the mountain through the Tujica
> National Park) which can only be done by van or car.
> We arranged our own tours (all but one through South Star) at
> every port, and not only had better tours, but much cheaper.
> Our roughest seas/weather was south of Valparaiso. It was
> very smooth from Cape Horn to Falklands and on to Rio, which
> I had thought would be the roughest, but I guess you never
> know. It was COLD in both Ushuaia (wind) and Puenta Arenas.
> Take gloves, hats and heavy coats for this. Even in spring
> (December) it was in the high 80s in Rio, and can be over 100
> F with humidity of 60-80% in their summer. Buenos Aires and
> Santiago very similar weather to Southern California.
> Puerto Montt was my favorite port. We had a wonderful
> driving tour through the lakes, volcanos and waterfalls
> here. We used Eureka Turiso (a local company) there. I can
> get their email address for anyone who wants it. Whatever you
> do, get out of the town here and out into the country.
> Puerto Varas was nice, but very crowded as every bus from the
> ship went here (the German museum, esp.). Several people
> took the river rafting trip here and had a nice time
> (although some had to swim!).
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