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Default Re: Anyone Else Going Mercury 1/20/02?

OK, I just EMail them, and should hear back from them tomorrow. Hopefully, they still have availablity with an English speaking tour guide. Again, I have never done business with Eureka Turismo, but they were recommended on a cruise message board from a recent HAL passenger.

If we can find one or two other couples on the ship who are also interested, it would bring our per person cost down accordingly. So, again, if you are interested in this tour, please EMail me or post a reply on this message board. I will lock this in with a credit card as soon as we have at least 6 of us going. By the way, the cost for a similar trip with the cruise line is almost $100 per person, and, as I am not a "big bus" fan, a smaller group certainly appeals to me!

Hope to hear from you soon, and I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from Eureka Turismo.
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