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Default Re: Val to B.A - shore excursions?

The highlight of the trip is the Tango show at Senor Tango. It is a most amazing dinner and show that goes from 8:00 P.M. to about half past twelve. The cost is less than $50 p.p. including transportation from the ship. The theater is magnificent. Buenos Aires is a wonderful city. Stay several days if you can post cruise. You won't be sorry. There are wonderful B&Bs there in real neighborhoods for about $50 per night for two persons. Don't miss the graveyard/cemetary where Evita was burried. It is unbelievable.

You may want to read my review (this website) of our cruise last Christmas on the Zenith. We did the penguin rookery in Puerto Madryn. It is amazing but is a very long three hour boring bus ride in each direction.

We took the catimaran/bus tour to the national park in Ushuaya. It was a wonderful day with the magnificent Andes mountains as a backdrop.

In Montevideo we just walked around town and went to the flea market in the town square. It was an interesting day of shopping. There are very fine semi prescious stones here at very good prices. Leather goods are also very reasonable.

Our ship did not visit the Faulklands, sorry no report there.

Please e-mail me if you have further questions.
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