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Mark Calkin
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Just returned from Dec.28-Jan11 Trip. This cruise is simply about the destination. The Crown is old and small - sea days are quite dull unless you want to spend a lot of money gambling, spa, etc. On our cruise, the Americans were 99% 65+ (I'm 48). The South Americans took up about half the passengers and were much younger and there were lots of children since it is summer vacation in S.A.. There were a lot of Europeans, Aussies as well probably 20%. All the tours we went on we good but were expensive. Chile is a treasure, the people and the country are unspoiled. The tour to Fitz Roy Estancia and the end of cruise tour to the winery and Santiago were outstanding. The tour guide Eduardo was knowledgable and a terrific companion for the 12 hours we spent together. If you can spend a few days before/after in B.A. or Santiago do it. We really enjoyed Argentina and Uraguay but Chile blew us away. The scenery in Southern Chile is similar to that of the Norweigan Fjords (Norway is more impressive)but there is more of it in Chile. Central Chile is like California (both Southern if the wine region and SF in Valpariso). The Lake District was quite beautiful. I must admit that going to Cape Horn was a hilite. I was surprised how calm the southern Atlantic was. An hour from the cape the weather was perfect and the water was calm. I wish I had taken a video of the hour. By the time we got to the cape we were in 70 mph winds and 25 ft. seas. The Ship would drop from the top of a wave and crash and send water over the top of the ship. What a rush. We actually stopped at the Falklands, but don't count on it (I think that it rare that the seas are calm enough for tenders). The only place you could get tasty food was Le Bistro. Chopstiks had shusi but it was cooked? The main dining room had good food (not great) and the menus were never repeated during the 14 days. The low prices in these countries are staggering, everything is about 1/3 of what it costs here.I enjoyed this trip so much that I was almost in tears when we had to leave - and I definitely want to go back before these countries are become spoiled by development.
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