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Debbie Nelson
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Default Re: Galapagos Islands

I met an older man who did it with a smaller ship and it sounded fascinating, exciting, adventurous. I was looking at this one too. It is comforting to go with a brand name cruise line. Also - Quito is VERY poor. You may want to make sure you buy the ships air and ground transportation so you just go straight to the ship. I don't know that I'd stay in Quito with kids. I'm kinda nervous that way. I would love to do this cruise - your kids are good ages for it I'd guess. My youngest is 8, I'll probably wait until she is 11. The cruise is expensive, but I notice that all shore excursions are included - so at least you know you won't be spending a ton of extra money. Good luck with your decison. If you can swing it, I'd do it. It will be the kind of once in a lifetime adventure your children will always remember.
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