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Go to to see the Xpedition's itinerary prior to Celebrity taking over when the Xpedition was running a split week cruise. Compare it to Celebrity's. On Day 4 of the cruise on Celebrity's itinerary, there is not anything schedule until 3:30PM when it is at Bartolome. If you look at a map of the Galapagos, it does not take long to go from Cerro Drago, which is on the north side of Santa Cruz, to Bartolome. Definitely not 13 hours. How else do you explain this?

Celebrity states this is to provide a more relaxing cruise by not rushing there passengers to the next port. Also, Celebrity goes to Puerto Avora twice, Day 3 and Day 7. Is this just a coincidence that the 2 times this port is visited is during the first 3 days and the last 4 days, as if it was a split week cruise, which it is not? Maybe Celebrity isn't able to change this because of the regulations in the Galapagos. But if this is the case, they should say so instead of feeding the customers BS. I am hopeful that Celebrity changes their itinerary to make better use of the passengers time while in the Galapagos because I am very excited that they are there. And since there are many people inquiring about Celebrity, including myself, I want to pass along the info that I've found.
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