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John L.
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Default Re: Paradise Cove in Honolulu

Hi Pooh!

We were on the same cruise which I noted on your other comments. Maybe on the same plane... I was very disappointed with Paradise. I expected a bonanza of food and it was lacking. The coffee was luke warm. Deserts consisted of a piece of cake 2 inches by 2 inches and the drinks were so watered down I had to get a bottled beer to get a slight buzz. After finishing my meal, I went back to the buffet table to get some fresh pineapple and it was all gone. I'm glad I only paid for the low cost buffet and not for the lobster and flower tables. I wished I had my car there because we would have left early to go back to the hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the next evening they had a buffet which resembled the luau (same tasting pork) with twice the variety and quality of the food at Paradise and half the cost. The chefs at Hilton said that the food at Paradise is catered.

A group at our dinning table on ship went to the luau at Lahaina and commented on the variety of deserts. Almost like the midnight buffet spread. Anyway it was fun. Maybe we'll meet on the next cruise.

John L.
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