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This is for all of you who have experienced the Ensenada-Hawaii trip.

We're trying to get a feel for scheduling for the air portion of this trip, especially as it relates to the bus trip to Ensenada. We are sailing February 17-27, 2002.

We fly from Michigan, so travel in the winter is not a given. Going a day ahead is preferred, if only for peace of mind that we have lots of time to get there if the weather turns bad. We will already be doing air deviation because we will be spending a couple of extra days in Honolulu after the cruise.

We'd like to fly to San Diego for the shorter bus trip.

Can anyone give us information on where the buses leave from and what sort of schedule they have? If we go a day ahead, will we have to go back to the airport for the bus or do any leave from nearby hotels? What would be too early/late to get to where the buses leave from, so we don't have to wait around for hours on end for one?

Anything else you think we should be aware of that would be helpful is appreciated.

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