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Default Re: Honolulu Sightseeing

Ashley--you didn't mention what ship you are on. If the ship is arriving from Ensenada or Vancouver, many of the passengers will be taking post cruise excursions and their favorite will be Pearl Harbor. Those passengers will be the first off the ship and will most likely be in line when you arrive. It happened to us and it was almost 2 hours in line. Even if you go later, most flights don't leave for the mainland until early evening and they have the entire day to kill and will be in front of you wherever you go. If you are there on a Wednesday or weekend, there is a big flea market at the Aloha Stadium (which is in the vicinity of Pearl Harbor) which opens early in the morning. You may need a car to get there. Another good shopping place is the International Marketplace which is a block or so off Waikiki beach. Don't know when that opens though.
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