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Default Re: Just returned (last night) from the Radiance!! An

Hi Michael and Missy,

My wife and I are booked on the Radiance (our first cruise) to do the Hawaii to Vancouver sailing on May 13, 2003. I do have a few questions and since you just came back I can't pass this up.

One thing that I hear and read about only in passing is the room service aboard the Radiance. Room Service is apparently no big deal otherwise other folks would dwell on it more. I would love to hear your comments about room service, the menu, the service, etc.

Another question is one so typical of first time cruisers and it is about formal night. I would like to hear your comments about formal night. What did people wear. I know that the conventional wisdom indicates a tux or a dark suit. Neither of which I own. Do men try to get by with a sport coat and tie and if so does the cruise line allow it? I'm building a consensus on this and would appreciate your input.

Another is about the beverage cards available onboard. Could you advise what you might have learned about them and what they covered, how much, etc.?

How did you find the Chop's Steakhouse and Portofino's?

Nuff for now!

Thanks a lot,

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