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Default Re: San Diego to Ensenada Transfer

No change in procedure: they always do it that way. No sense using the pier facilities when the ship's not there and most people are flying in. In any event the airport and the ship terminal are practically right next to each other.

They peg the starting time for the busses roughly to the arrival times for their same day air/sea passengers. This usually means the first busses haul at 10 or 11 or so.

Spend all the time in Ensenada you like, but 1) the walk from the ship to town isn't short. 2) There's not much going on there. 3) But I am told you can buy ****** and other drugs without a prescription.

And, based on the experiences of some people on our cruise, they are very serious when they tell you not to drink the water (including ice cubes) in Ensenada. No joke.

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