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Default Re: which cruise ship to Hawaii?

My husband and I have been on two cruises to Hawaii and we're going on our third cruise in one month. The past cruises were on RCCL in May, which was great and on the old American Hawaii Cruise line on a smaller, older ship in January, which wasn't so great. We still had a good time but the weather was rough and the ship was old. Now we always plan to go cruising on newer, bigger ships, they're the ones we like. I also would not take another NCL cruise. We've taken 5 but I won't book anymore with them. It's the same with Carnival; we've been on 5 but I wouldn't book another one with Carnival. We've been on about 16 with RCCL and 4 with Princess. To-date, these are our favorite cruise lines. I haven't been on HA, or Celebrity or Crystal yet; but we are going to try Crystal. We find going in May or September are great times to go to Hawaii and this cruise we're going on in a month is the 15 day LA roundtrip to Hawaii on the Sun Princess. I don't think you could go wrong with RCCL or Princess, but everyone has their favorite cruise line. I know people who swear by Holland America, but I've never taken one of theirs......I guess it's because I've heard the rumor that they're all really old people(not that I have anything against that, my husband and I are in our mid-50's) but we always have fun with people younger than us it seems like. RCCL and Princess seem to have a good mix of all ages and I guess that's what we like. I've been to Hawaii without being on a cruise and you just seem to see more when you go around the islands on a ship. Hope your trip is great, I know we're looking forward to ours.
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