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Default Hawaii 15-night RT Celebrity Infinity

FYI to anyone interested in Celebrity's new RT Hawaii from San Diego.

I just came off the Summit and was lucky enough to sit at the Captain's Table with the Hotel Manager. His wife works for Celebrity and books the on-board cruises. I asked him about the new 15-night RT from San Diego to Hawaii and he told me Celebrity wanted to try it and see if it would fill up and guess what it's full.

I went to book a New England cruise on board and spoke to the on-board agent in which she just came back from Miami from a conference with Celebrity. She said that Celebrity assured her that they are going to add more weeks to this RT cruise since it did so well.

I asked her if I could be put on a wait list, but she said I would have to wait till the new calendar comes out in April. I am going to call my TA next week to see if she can flag it for me.

I think this itinerary is going to be a success!
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