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Default Re: Which hawaii cruise line

October is a wonderful time to visit Hawaii. You have some of the best weather, smallest crowds and best prices.
I have sailed NCL Wind in Hawaii and done their 11 day itinerary (with two days pre cruise in Honolulu ). We had a fabulous time but I am not sure that I would book that ship again.
Any other cruise (other than Pride of America) will be a repositioning cruise for a ship on it's way back from Alaska. You would either sail 4 days across from someplace like Vancouver and then do a 7 day Hawaiin cruise or do a 7 day Hawaiin cruise and sail to Ensenada (4 days)..
Pride will be doing all 7 day Hawaiin cruises when it sails, with all US crew.

After 12 cruises I am going to sound like I shouldn't be posting here when I recommend you look into a 11 day two island land based tour for your honeymoon.
Gram and I just returned in late October from 5 days in Oahu and 6 days in Maui. Having done both and had a great time on both , I must say I got a lot more out of the land based trip. We are currently planning as far out as October 2005 and that will be a 11 or 12 day split between Kuai and Maui. 5 or 6 days on Poipu Beach area in Kuai and
5 or 6 days down in Wailea section of Maui.
Prices in Hawaii in October are dirt cheap as this is the low season yet ironically this is actually the best weather.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and I hope you enjoy whatever you choose for a Honeymoon.
Check out the comments I wrote on this trip over in the chat section by looking in older messages back in late October.
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