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Happened to read this thread since we are "sort of" looking at HI cruises months from now. I LOVE cruising and have been on l5, w/the l6th coming up in a few wks. BUT! The last poster was right on. If you see the beauty of HI and not at LEAST stay 3 nts. before or after your cruise, you will regret it. And it's true - the pkgs. are often cheaper than just airfare. Where you might run into trouble is getting a pkg. w/say 3 to 5 hotel nts., but find you then can't get the air home for a further out date to allow enough in-between time to cruise! Not sure about it but it is something to check on. We took a mediterranean cruise 3 yrs. ago. I started thinking the air was such a big part of the expense (even though we had one ticket from phone miles!), it would be a waste not to stay a bit longer! We ended up renting cars (2 different ones for the first and last days on land) spending 4 nts. before and 4 after the cruise. Went to Lake Como, Venice, Sienna, cruised, then to Positano and on up to Porto Fino, w/our last nt. in Milan, then home. Greatest vacation we ever had! SO many cruisers were scrambling to get reservations in Rome and change their airfares for AFTER the cruise, realizing that here was ROME and they wouldn't get to really see it other than from a cab to the airport! You never know when you are in a "we may never pass this way again" scenario. Now, you might LIKE a long sea crossing, but STILL spend some time on at least ONE of the Hawaiian islands! Bon Voyage, whichever ship you choose.
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