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bonnie corns
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Default Re: Carnival Spirit Duty Free Shops

Hi Diane.

Not sure what I am going to do about the liquor. I am not a big drinker, love to have the slushy drinks and that is fine. But I also like to have a Kahula and Milk. On our last cruises we always ordered milk thru room service (kept the fridge stocked) and had the bottle of kahlua that I bought in the duty free shop. May just have to take some with me.

Do you remember if the had Club Soda to drink ??

We are flying to Hawaii, then cruise the islands for 7 days, then cruise 5 days home to Vancouver BC.

You live in Honolulu. Lucky you. I have been about 7 times in total, always land vacations, but haven't been for about ?? 20 years.

I believe our ship docks in Honolulu at the Aloha Tower.

There are a total of 10 of us going. My mom and older sister arrive in waikiki 1 week prior to the cruise, then my brother and his wife arrive 4 days prior and my husand and I arrive 2 days prior then the next 4 arrive day of the cruise.

How long have you lived in Honolulu?? Since our family has gone to waikiki for several years we have gotten to know a few people. One fireman we met 30 years ago is the nicest person I have every met. We always stayed at the reef towers. This year my mom and sister are staying there but my brother / wife and my husband and self are staying at the Ohana Waikiki Tower.

Is there anything bad about the tower?? Assume it should be ok, we are only there for 2 days. Looking forward to visiting the International Marketplace, Dukes Lane, all the shopping.

Many years ago, about 20 years ago I remember going to Pearl City and there was a Monkey bar. (ie: baby monkeys behind glass). It was awsome and would love to go back for a drink. Do you know if it is still there?

Anyways, guess I have rambled on and on. Would love to hear from you.

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